We will explain step-by-step on how to load a new lead onto the KTMS-Online System.

  • Make sure you are logged in to the system. On successful login, you will be redirected to your dashboard page. 

  • To your left side, you should see a menu list, 
  • Click Leads as shown in the screenshot below

  • You should then see a list of Leads 
  • Click on the Green Button titled +New Lead

  • A similar screenshot below would be displayed

  • If the vendor's company already exists on the system, then select it from the list by Clicking on the Select button
  • If the vendor's company doesn't exist on the system, click on the blue plus button to add a new company .

  • Fill in the company's details and click on the Save button
  • Upon adding the new company, the system will add it to the list of Company's on the same page. 
  • The latest company you've just added should be the last on the list
  • You can also enter the name of the company by entering the company's name in the search box
  • Then proceed with filling in the rest of the Leads details such as First Name, Last Name, Source, Comment and Referrer if applicable, then click on the Save button

If you are still experiencing issues loading a new lead, please CLICK-HERE