QuickPublisher provides each user (account) with a sub-domain (.quickpublisher.online)

When you open a new account, QuickPublisher generates your unique site name from your blog title.

For example. While opening a new account on QuickPublisher, 

  • Your Blog Title is Robert-Blog

QuickPublisher will then generate your site name as robert-blog and then your unique site address becomes 


QuickPublisher, being dynamic also provides an intuitive way of editing your site name, (robert-blog in this example).

Follow the steps below

  • Make sure you are logged into the system

  • On your Dashboard Page (Home Page), click on My Site Settings as shown in the screenshot below

  • Click on the Edit button

  • Under the Blog Text Settings, locate the Site Name field and change it to what you want and then Click Save

Note that your preferred site name must be in all lower-case and must not contain any foreign characters (spec to avoid system errors