Note that this feature is only available on the Flying Solo Plan.

A collaborator is a trusted person to assist in writing posts and helping with basic blog management.

The following are what a collaborator can do on your system

  • A collaborator can create blog posts, tags, categories
  • A collaborator can export list of posts, post views, tags, categories to PDF, XLS, PRINT and CSV
  • A collaborator view and update posts, tags, categories and their own user account details
  • A collaborator can view site settings

To add a new collaborator, follow the steps below

  • At the top right-hand of the system, you'll see a set of icons, click on the third icon as shown in the screenshot below

  • Then the following screenshot below will be displayed

  • Enter the email address, first and last name, cell number and Access role

  • In the Access role, select Collaborator as the access role as shown in the screenshot below

  • If you select Administrator, then the user will have the same access level as yourself

  • Then click on Save

  • The newly added user will receive an email with a password in their inbox/spam folder as shown below

Should your newly created user be having issues logging in, please contact us at and we'll be in touch