Applying for a job and granting access to authorized individuals is the same process. This process involves sending your website link as well as access tokens to the authorized individual.

Follow the steps below to authorize or apply for a job with KwickBox:

  • Make sure you are logged in to the platform,
  • On your dashboard page, scroll down and click on the Grant Access To Authorized Individuals button
  • Enter the Unique Name. For example, KwickBox Job Access
  • Select the recipient/company.
  • You can also add a new recipient, by clicking on the blue plus button (next to the recipient lists)
    • Enter the first and last name. Should this be a job application, use the company's name as first and last name
    • Then enter the email address of the individual/email address you obtained via the job post
    • Click on Save.
    • Voila! You have created a new recipient
  • Should you want this recipient to have a lifetime access to your website, check the Lifetime Access checkbox. Please do not give lifetime access to anyone you do not know so well. Although you can still disable this 
  • Select the date-time when this access token should expire. When said token has expired, the recipient won't be able to login anymore
  • Now Click Save
  • Voila! You have just created an access token for this recipient

When you have done this, you should see the newly created details, such as Unique Name, Recipient, Expiry Date Time, Etc.

To send the token to this individual/company, follow the steps below

  • On the same page where you are, scroll down and click on the New Token Send button
  • Enter the email subject
  • While editing the message field, you are able to edit everything except the {website-link} and {access-token} value. The platform will replace these with the actual values.
  • When you are satisfied with this, click on Save
  • Voila! You have just sent your website link and password to this recipient/company!
  • When they log in, you'll get an email alert notifying you.