Unsatisfied with the theme colour of your site? Or do you want everyone to have access to view your full resume? Site settings will allow you to change that.

To begin head to the navigation tab and click site settings.

Once clicked you will be redirected to the site settings page, here you can do a variety of things. Such as changing the theme colour of your site, toggling access to allow everyone to be able to view or review your resume. In order to change any of this begin by clicking the green Edit button at the top right of the page.

You will then be redirected to the edit page where you can tick or untick desired fields, you can also change the name of fields that you are not satisfied, such as the Portfolio Label. Once you have changed the desired fields click the green Save button.

Public Access to your Resume.

By default only people you give access tokens to are allowed to view your resume, this can be changed, this is how.

On the site settings page click edit

Once clicked you will be redirected to the edit page, here scroll down to the features settings section.

To allow people to view or review your resume click the checkbox beside the anyone can view my full resume option or the anyone can review my resume option. Once the desired options have been selected scroll down and click the green save button.

NOTE: If these options are ticked it means that any member of the public can view or review your resume!