If you're unsatisfied with the amount of pages provided on the default resume you can add an extra page with more information creating a blog style. This article will describe how to add extra pages to your resume.

To begin head to the navigation tab and click My Pages.

You will then be redirected to the My Pages page, to add a new page click the green New Page button at the top right of the page.

You will then be provided spaces to enter your desired information, such as the Page Name, the Page Group, the type of editor you prefer to use, and whether the page is displayed to the public or not and the ability to choose which recipents are allowed to view the page.

There are two editor types, the WYSIWYG and the Markdown editor.

The WYSIWYG Editor.

This editor provides tools that are similar to Microsoft Word, allowing you to change the alignment of paragraphs and edit some text to be bold or italic.

The Markdown editor.

This editor does not provide any useful editing tools but it provides a preview HTML button, which allows you to view your page the way the public will see it.

Once you have entered your desired information, make sure to click the green save button at the bottom right of the page.