Here we will explain how you can be able to view the hidden columns on a list table. 

List table here refers to the list of records. For example, a list of subscribers, list of projects, list of vendors etc. 

We have added this feature to enable a better experience when you are working with laptops and smaller devices such as tablets and phones.

This means that:

  • When you are working with a laptop and  the number of columns in a table is more than 10 and the size of each column is 5cm or more, the system by default would hide either after the 9th or 10th column to prevent the page from stretching. The width of the screen of a laptop is between the ranges of 10inches to a maximum of 16inches
  • When you are working with a much larger screen size such as a monitor of size 24inches and above, the system by default will show all columns when number of columns in a table is more than 10 and the size of each column is 5cm or more. But when the number of columns is more than the specified above, the system will hide the remaining columns.

The following is a screenshot of a list of records when certain columns are hidden.

From the above screenshot:

  •  you can see a list of Vendor records. 
  •  you can see a blue plus button at the start of every new row. This is there to display the hidden columns.

To view the hidden columns as well as buttons to view update and delete a specific row

  • click on the blue plus button

  • A screenshot similar to the one below would be displayed
  • You will also be able to view the buttons for view, update and delete should you have access to see them


Why can't the system display all columns on the table lists.


To keep the application and system responsive as well as to improve user experience, we decided to add the hidden columns feature.

If you still experience any issue(s) in viewing hidden columns on tables(lists), please CLICK-HERE